Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead! is a local multiplayer game just like Pixel Disc Golf so it can be played against a friend with same device. Unlike Pixel Disc Golf, Drive Ahead! also has a CPU player, so people can also play the game by themselves.

Drive Ahead! was my solo project at first. After one month of development the company where I work bought the game, but I was still the main developer of this game. The benefit was that I didn't had to draw anymore and I could focus on coding.

If you want to hear the latest news of Drive Ahead!, check out the facebook group of the game. Replay videos of Drive Ahead! can be found from Everyplay.

Pixel Disc Golf

Pixel Disc Golf is my first commercial solo game project. It's a local multiplayer game (1-4 players) with unlockable courses and unique levels.

The cathegory of this game is sports puzzle. The game has three courses and each of those courses have six levels. Some of the levels are realistic but not all of them. All courses have their own global highscore lists.

Here is a review of the game written by Zach Parcell from AllThingsDiscGolf: Pixel Disc Golf brings casual disc golf approach to iOS.

The hardest part in this project was the drawing. I'm a programmer by profession, so drawing isn't something that I do everyday. I read many tutorials about pixel graphics, color palettes and that kind of stuff and here is the result.


Kunin is very hard highscore chasing game, where you need good reflexes and concentration. At first Kunin seems impossible, but after awhile it becomes fun and kind of addictive. It's my personal favourite of Dodreams games at the moment.

My job in this project was to polish the game. I added some visual effects, made achievements and set all the sound effects in place. Over all my part in this project wasn't very big.

Ice Hole Fishing

Ice Hole Fishing is a highscore chasing game where you have get as many fish as you can in one minute. The game doesn't have much content, but it's kind a fun. Maybe if there were more fishes and unlockable content like new fishing rods, the game could be more entertaining.

Ice Hole Fishing was the first project on Dodreams where I was the lead programmer. I learned a lot about objective-c and iOS development on this project.


Gegenschein is a side scrolling 2D Java game. In gegenschein you control a space ship and your goal is to avoid obstacles and destroy enemies.

Gegenschein was a school project for me and my friend Timo Piippo. We made it during our exchange semester in Austria. It was also my first real game project.

It doesn't look that impressive now, but damn we were proud of it after we finished it. We didn't use any external libraries (besides Swing), so basically we did the whole game engine by our selves.

I did all the graphics and about 40% of the coding, while Timo did all the sounds and rest if the code. Gegenschein was a good learning experience and one of the reasons why I'm making games at the moment.

About me

I am a software engineer and I graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2014.

I've played games since I was a child. My first game console was Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Sega Genesis). I got my first computer when I was 8 years old.

At the moment I work as game developer at Dodreams Ltd. My job includes programming, game design and teaching.

I made my first game with my Friend Timo when I was an exchange student in Austria. Our game was called Gegenschein and it was a side scrolling 2D Java game.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can send me email or contact me on Twitter! ☺

Jari Räisänen
Helsinki, Finland
Indie Game Developer
Game Developer @ Dodreams Ltd.